Some of my Work
most of the work below were projects submitted to my classes at Baker College, the top 2 are the only personal projects that I created for myself. Enjoy.
A vector image wallpaper of my wife and cat. I used this as my personal laptop's wallpaper for more than a year.
Minimalistic desktop wallpaper
This was my final project in my Illustrator Class. Original image created from courtesy of Marvel Comics.
Poster mockup created in Adobe Photoshop using smart objects.
A drawing from my Elements of Drawing Class back in 2008.
While working in Iraq as an interpreter for the U.S. Army, there were rumors that the Iraqi government was planning on changing the national flag, so I took a shot at it myself. Listening to what Iraqi's thought about the current flag and what they were hoping to see in a new flag inspired the creative process of the design.
A stencil font I designed in my Typography class.
This assignment was to present the anatomy of typography in a creative way.
From my advance Photoshop class at Baker College of Clinton Twp. this is a combination of 7 different images and 5 additional touch up layers. The project took approximately 2 hours to complete. 
Same class and assignment as the image above, this was my first attempt at the assignment. I was not satisfied with the edits and the blending of the different objects, so I discontinued at this point.
This project was to create a self promoting poster that highlights our personal work. We were to present our work in an artistic way that reflects how we viewed our work and style.
This assignment was to pick a school/team and create a sports schedule event, I picked the Edsel Ford Thundercats!
A composition of cards attached to a board, the goal was to pick a theme and arrange in a presentable fashion.
High intensity poster with a combination of cartoon character, realistic background and CGI rocks
Different Brochures and themes
During this semester we focused on Whole Foods as our customer, and throughout the course we made multiple redesigns of their pamplets, books, handouts, and coupons
During my internship at Retail Network I created a group of 3D objects in Adobe Illustrator to produce higher resolution graphics and more importantly in vector format.
A user guide book created using five chapters from our class text book, the rendering is done in Google Sketchup, but the documents where the images were exported from was created in Adobe InDesign
Booklet created in Adobe Photoshop using smart objects
Mockup stationary Created in Photoshop using smart objects
Photomanipulation of a vehicle
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